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Extended terms are for eligible organizations that may experience situations where "net 30" may be the most strategic option. By offering "net 30", your organization can avoid the opportunity costs of tying down cash flow with traditional lump-sum purchase terms. Instead, you can free up cash flow and may still enjoy the party.

What this service does

Organizations that prefer payment flexibility can use deferment to manage cash flow strategically.

How it works

Through purchase order assignment, eligible customers defer payment for a period of 30 days.
You can have it set up where we charge your credit card on the 30th day for each bill on file, or you can send us a check to be received by the 30th day.

How do I get approved?

All customers that wish to get "net 30" can apply by e-mail to customer service at . Customer service wil send you an application to fill out, and then send it back to us. Approvals take 24 to 48 hrs.  If approved, we will call or e-mail you to let you know. We will also send a credit card authorization form to be filled out and returned.
* all applicants are subject to a credit check with Equifax

How much can I get approved for?

Each account is different, so account limits may vary.

What is the interest rate?

All accounts have 1.9% monthly interest (22.8% annual interest rate).

For example, if your invoice is $3,000.00, and payment by check is received in our office on the 45th day, there will be 15 days of interest due in addition to the principal amount (15/365 x $3,000 x 0.228 = $28.11 in interest due)
Late accounts after 30 days will have a penalty of $50.00, in addition to interest charged.

To open an account

Your organization must have a purchase history with our company with a minimum of 6 purchase transactions in the 12 months prior to this application.

Schools and non profit organizations must have a purchase history with our company with a minimum of 3 purchase transactions in the 6 months prior to this application.

 All wholesale customers that want to open an account must meet the minimum pre-tax, pre-shipping $500.00 order every time.
Schools and non-profit organizations must meet the $250.00 pre-tax, pre-shipping minimum every order.

Privacy Policy

Your informaton will only be used to check your credit worthiness with Equifax, and will not be used for any other purpose.  We do not sell or solicit your info to any third-party vendors.

How do I place an order once my account is open?

Once your account is open, you can buy online or call us.

What happens if i go over my account limit?

If you go over your limit we wil have your credit card on file and only the overage will be taken the day your order is sent out. The balance up to your account limit will be applied to your net 30.

Who can apply?

Only Canadian companies and organizations can apply at this time.
We are working hard to let all our customers in the U.S.A have the same privileges, so keep checking back.

In what currency will I be charged?

That depends on what country you live in. If you live in Canada, you will be billed in CAD.  If you live in the U.S.A, you will be billed in USD.

Is there is charge to open an account?

No, there is no charge to open an account.

Credit card authorization form

All credit card authorization forms are valid from January 1 to December 31 of every year.
Customers must have due diligence to keep this form up to date. If you fail to keep this up to date, we will freeze the account.  There s a $50.00 fee to reopen a frozen account.

Do you report to the credit agencies?

Yes, we report to Equifax every time you pay your bill on time or late.

Can I buy from any one of your sites?

Right now you can use your account online at and and soon on
*But you can call or e-mail to use your account for products on any one of our sites
*All phone and e-mail orders are subject to shipping charges

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